Current and upcoming releases from IronWright Books.

Dawn Rising: released November 2020

Alyssia Gale is a daydreamer. A liar. An attention seeker. Everyone she's ever known has found a label to stick on her, but one thing's for sure: she can't be telling the truth. The flashes she sees of the dark and difficult lives of four other people, living in a world that's not her own … they can't be real. Alyssia understands that as well as anyone, even if she does keep catching herself thinking of the people she sees as friends.

Then she's pulled into that other world by blood and dark magic, and realises that everyone she's ever known was wrong.

To start with, her focus is on surviving until she can find a way home. Yet it doesn't take long for her to figure out that where before she was merely a spectator, now she can change things. And with one of her friends being forced into an abusive marriage, and another trapped in the cruellest of prisons, there's plenty that needs changing. She just needs to survive long enough to do it.

What she doesn't know is that something connects her to these four people. Something she never could have imagined. And it's not long before she isn't just fighting to find her place between the worlds – she's fighting to protect her closest friends from a narrative that wants them dead.

Read this series for:

danger | friendship | epic acts of bravery | girls being awesome | a plot to make you think

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The Dark Knife: released May 2022

Alyssia Gale has defeated the bad guy and returned to her old life – that’s how stories are meant to end. Now she’s faced with a far harder task: finding a way to be normal, despite her continued visions of a world she knows is real. She may be separated forever from her friends in Endarion, but at least she kept them safe.

Or maybe not.

Because fate isn’t finished with any of them yet. An age-old pattern is at work, drawing them back together to finish what they started. And though Alyssia longs to return, if she does, not just the world but the lives of everyone she cares about will be at stake.

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Daughter of the Sky: coming 2023

Details to follow!