11 January 2021

Submissions advice: what to do and what not to do

Here at IronWright, we've seen a recent uptick in the number of submissions as authors begin to keep their new year's resolutions and send out the manuscript they polished over Christmas. That's amazing, and we love to read your work. But we're also seeing a few recurring issues that we thought it might be helpful to point out. So without further ado, here's the IronWright list of submissions dos and don'ts.


  • Follow the guidelines. Honestly, this one is easy! Our submission guidelines are about as simple as it's possible to get. If you can't follow them, we're going to have serious doubts about what it will be like to work with you.


  • Attach your first three chapters (or worse, entire manuscript) as a Word document or any other file format. We want it pasted in the body of the email for a reason. (See DO.)
  • Submit chapters from manuscripts that aren't Young Adult, or aren't fantasy, or don't meet our short list of things we're looking for. (Again, see DO.) 'I know you said YA fantasy, but my adult horror is really good!' is not going to get you anywhere. We're sure it is really good, but it's not what we publish.
  • Get creative with your submission. We don't want to watch a promo video for a book we don't know anything about yet. Nor do we want to look at your cover mock-up and ideal movie cast. (No joke, these are actual submissions we've received.) Again, see DO ... are you beginning to detect a theme here?
  • Send us a 'submission' that's really a thinly veiled rant against diversity, female-centered narratives and everything else we stand for. We're sorry you're so angry, but we also don't care about your opinion.